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Top 10 Items for a Bride's Emergency Kit

One of the many things that a wedding planner will have is an emergency kit. Think of this as a bit of a 'Mary Poppins bag' of all the things you could ever possibly need to fix a problem, big or small. Now I don't personally carry a pot plant or a lamp shade in mine, so maybe there are a few limitations (!), but generally speaking us wedding planners are pretty well prepared to handle most wedding day hiccups.

However, it's also a really good idea for the bridal couple to have a small bag of essential emergency kit. This could be something you delegate to a member of your #bridetribe or an important family member and it's good to have this with you wherever you are, so if you're having more than one venue for your wedding make sure whoever your delegate it to brings it to each venue (as opposed to it being left at the reception venue first thing in the morning).

So what #emergencykit are you going to need? Well, you never really know...you might not use any of it (fingers crossed) but you might need way more than I can cover in this blog.

The main thing is to avoid any massive panics, your wedding day is the last day you want to be stressing out over the small things, so here is my #top10 for every Bride's emergency kit.

1. Baby Wipes - I only ever truly appreciated the versatility of baby wipes when I became a mum, but these are absolute lifesavers! They can be used for all sorts - if your hands get dirty, you spill a drink or you leave a lipstick mark on your hubby's cheek. The list is endless and I seem to find new and wonderful ways to use baby wipes every time I work a wedding.

2. Sewing Kit - No one wants to consider that something might happen to your suit or dress, but how much less stressful would it be if you had a sewing kit to hand. Make sure this includes scissors, sewing needles and threads in the colours of your dress, the bridesmaids' dresses and the suits.

3. Safety Pins - I used to use these all the time when I had to wear a suit for work (ladies with a fuller bust will know exactly what I mean), but the same principle applies to weddings. Safety pins can be a quick fix to a whole range of outfit emergencies - they're great at holding things in place or keeping things together.

4. Sticky Tape - Not only can this be used to stick things up or together (think sticking balloons to a post outside or sticking your accidentally-ripped speech back together) but you can also use it in lieu of a lint roller. I love items that can do more than one job and this is definitely one of them!

5. Phone Charger - Maybe you're having a totally unplugged wedding, you've vowed to each other that you won't be looking at your phones at all and no one is allowed to post on social media. If so, fantastic! I certainly believe that if there's one day to just live in the moment, it should be your wedding day. However, having your phone somewhere nearby can be useful for fixing problems and if that phone runs out of battery, then you're stuffed. So, even though it's a great idea to not pay attention to your phone during your wedding, it is worthwhile making sure that someone has a charger for it - just in case.

6. Tissues - This could be as simple as having them for a runny nose (hayfever, anyone?) or in case of any tear-jerking vows or speeches, but they're also good for drying things quickly and in case you run out of loo roll.

7. Plasters - Obviously if you hurt yourself you may need to use a proper first aid kit (your venue should have one), but plasters are good for minor cuts and can be a quick fix for shoes that are rubbing and making your feet sore.

8. Body Spray - OK, so this isn't so much an 'emergency' piece of kit, but if you've been dancing away on a hot summer's evening, you may just want to give yourself a quick spritz to freshen up.

9. Spare Underwear - This is one that us wedding planners won't be catering for, so this is totally down to you! I personally think that having a spare pair of underwear can save all manner of heartache - you could get sweaty, uncomfortable, spill something, have a 'mummy moment' or simply want to feel fresh.

For what it's worth, I changed mine for my evening reception - I wore a super sexy (not) pair of slimming knickers for my wedding but after a rather filling wedding breakfast it was all getting a bit uncomfortable - off with the 'suck-me-in' knickers and on with my daily favourites and I was ready to party!

10. Clear nail polish - This is a school girl favourite of mine, I used to go through tights like they were going out of fashion. If you're planning on wearing tights, maybe have a spare pair and also have some clear nail polish handy. If you get a hole, a little dab of polish on and around the area will prevent ladders or at least stop any you have in their tracks. It can also help stop a nail from breaking further, help you thread a needle and stop button thread from unravelling!

So there's our 'Top 10 Items for a Bride's Emergency Kit', but can you think of anything else you might need? If so, add it and be sure to leave us a comment on our Instagram post with your thoughts.

Tilly x

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